Discover the German Group of Companies

To achieve this high quality, our group of companies follows international standards for all steps of the production process – standards which go considerably beyond the statutory norms.
The quality level of the final product depends on the careful selection of starting materials. Standardised conditions of production and up-to-date technology ensure consistently high pharmaceutical quality.
Our Technical Department, Production, Laboratory and R&D as well as our Medical and Clinical Research Departments are continuously working on further improving the quality, efficacy and safety of our products.

GMP-certified manufacturing in Germany

Pharma-Zentrale is continuously GMP-certified according the Directive 2003/94/EC.

Contract manufacturing

With our broad range of GMP-compliant contract manufacturing services for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry (APIs, dosage forms, e.g. tablets, capsules and liquids, pharmaceuticals as well as food supplements) we supply several companies all over the world.

Export bulkware and finished products

We supply pharmaceutical bulk (liquid, semi-solid and solid forms). We offer a full service starting from the production of APIs using fermentation (according to Part II of the EU-GMP guidelines) followed by manufacturing of finished products, from mixing the APIs with excipients to encapsulation, bottling and packaging.